First-Time Game Developers: Choose the Right Genre for Your First Game!

Consider complexity, scope and what gets you excited!

Dusk Sharp
5 min readMay 25


Choosing the right genre for your first game is an important step toward becoming a competent game developer!

Starting your game development journey is definitely a challenge. There are a lot of unknowns, and getting the right start is important to improving quickly. While we recommend Unity as a great starting platform that balances depth and a wealth of knowledge via the expansive community, the next step is naturally deciding what kind of game to make.

It is important to choose the right genre for your first game. Choosing a genre that fits your skill set, interests, and means is key. You may often hear on Reddit or YouTube about the difficulty of finishing your game projects. We are here to help guide you away from failing your first project, by helping you select the right genre and consider all the factors related to developing each type of game.

I want to provide a caveat. First and foremost you should do what is most fun for you. Even if you have grandiose ideas of making a VR MMORPG as your first game, you can start by building a basic VR game, or a basic hack-n-slash game. Starting small is the key to success!

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes — even as versus games!

Puzzle Games Are A Great Start

Puzzle games provide a great place to start for developers. From point-and-click to Match-3, these types of games involve some logical problem to solve for players and usually have an optimal method.

If you have the mindset for thinking of games with simple simulations, straightforward mechanics, basic click or touch controls, and short play sessions, then a puzzle game is a great first step. Puzzle games also allow you to create levels, UI, and game mechanics in a fairly closed system. The possibility of scope creep in a puzzle game is also relatively slim. And finally, puzzle games require very minimal art and sound assets. All-in-all an excellent choice for beginners!



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