Why Friday Night Funkin’ Smashed Their Kickstarter Goal with an Insane Pledge Amount

The fans, the fame, and now the fortune? Friday Night Funkin’ developers just want to do right by their fans.

Dusk Sharp


I don’t think the world is ready for this. Support the Kickstarter today! Source, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/funkin/friday-night-funkin-the-full-ass-game

Let me get straight to the point, and level with you. By now, if you are a PC gamer with your finger on the pulse of hot indie games, you already know about Friday Night Funkin’. You’ve either played the game and its various fan-created mods to death, or you have heard of FNF and are simply wondering what all the fuss is about. Why else would you be interested in this article?

A while back, I wrote another article on how Friday Night Funkin is the next iteration of DDR; a fresh new take on the PC rhythm game genre that was beginning to stagnate. With the retro nostalgia of Newgrounds holding up the backbone of its artistic direction, the game was destined for success. It was only a matter of time for 4-button rhythm games to reach this new level. Let’s take a moment of silence to thank the Funkin’ Crew that created this magnificent game.

An intrepid hero stands at the precipce… what rhymes will he spit? Source, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_Night_Funkin%27

But here’s where the story takes a glorious turn. Friday Night Funkin’ was not a “flash in the pan” indie game with a dwindling niche fanbase. Instead, the game prospers and flourishes into the present day. The game’s latest update for “week 7” took down Newgrounds due to the sheer traffic. There are dozens and dozens of fan-made mods for the game, featuring their OCs and some fantastic new musical genres. There are countless animations based on the game, further characterizing the main characters simply known as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” (and yes, sometimes Pico). Let’s Plays by some of the biggest YouTubers and Twitch streamers out there!

And now we reached the peak. There’s a Kickstarter for a “full-ass” Friday Night Funkin’ game release. And with only a few days left to go, it reached nearly $2 million dollars in pledges.